IPCC WGI AR5 input to Structured Expert Dialogue on the 2013-2015 Review, Warsaw

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Date: 12-13 November 2013

The second meeting of the structured expert dialogue (SED) on the 2013-2015 review took place on 12 and 13 November 2013. It was organized as a fact-finding exchange of views between experts and Parties.


The first part of the SED focussed on assessing the adequacy of the long-term global goal to limit global warming below 2°C to the extent possible, on the basis of the IPCC WGI AR5. The second part of the SED focussed on assessing the overall progress made so far towards achieving this long-term global goal, as well as the projected progress; and on sharing lessons learned on the effectiveness of the support provided.


Additional information; see UNFCCC website


Part 1: Tuesday 12 November, 2013

Thomas Stocker: Overarching WGI findings relevant to the SED

Detlef P. van Vuuren: Representative Concentration Pathways

Thomas Stocker: Climate Change Projections

Jonathan Gregory: Sea level rise

Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla: Regional climate change: Findings of IPCC AR5 WGI

Part 2: Wednesday 13 November, 2013


Corinne Le Quéré: Past, current and projected changes of global GHG emissions and concentrations

Reto Knutti: Relationship between global emissions and global temperature rise


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