Transformational Climate Science 2014, Exeter

Location: Exeter, UK

Date: 15-16 May 2014

At this conference, climate scientists presented and critically reflected on the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). The findings of AR5 will be used to explore the next steps for climate science research. The outcomes of WGI AR5 were presented in an invited keynote lecture by WGI Co-Chair Thomas Stocker. Other WGI AR5 Lead Authors were involved in a final panel discussion on the next steps beyond AR5: Frontiers of climate change research.



Thomas Stocker: The challenges of climate change: the outcomes of Working Group I

The final section of this presentation is about the challenges for climate research and assessment. These are the personal views of the speaker and not part of the IPCC assessment.


Following the daytime conference programme on Thursday 15 May, an interactive event took place at which the public could speak directly to leading climate change researchers.


Thomas Stocker: The future of climate science: public open evening


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