Location: Lima, Peru

Date: 1-12 December 2014


SBSTA-IPCC Special Event of the Synthesis Report of AR5

2 December 2021

In this special event, the members of the Core Writing Team of the IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report presented highlights of Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report, including the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report.


IPCC Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report


Gian-Kasper Plattner and Vicente Barros: Topic 1 - Observed Changes and their Causes

Chris Field and Katie Mach: Topic 2 - Future Climate Changes, Risks and Impacts

Ottmar Edenhofer: Topic 3 - Future Pathway for Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development

Ramón Pichs Madruga: Topic 4 - Adaptation and Mitigation


IPCC SyR Special Event


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