Working Group I Technical Support Unit



Thomas F. Stocker

Co-Chair IPCC WGI, University of Bern


Dahe Qin

Co-Chair IPCC WGI, China Meteorological Administration


Technical Support Unit

Pauline Midgley

Head of TSU

Melinda Tignor

Director of Operations

Gian-Kasper Plattner

Director of Science

Simon K. Allen

Senior Science Officer

Yu Xia

Science Officer

Alexander Nauels

Science Assistant

Judith Boschung

Administrative Assistant

Vincent Bex

IT Officer

Flavio Lehner

Graphics Assistant

Adrien Michel

Graphics Assistant

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) for IPCC WGI is based at University of Bern in Switzerland. The IPCC WG I TSU is supported by the Swiss Government. For contact details of the current TSU members, go here.