WGI AR5 Timeline

March Joint IPCC-WCRP-IGBP Workshop: New Science Directions and Activities Relevant to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, 3-6 March, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
March Expert Meeting on the Science of Alternative Metrics, 18-20 March 2009, Oslo, Norway
July Scoping Meeting for the Fifth Assessment Report, 13-17 July 2009, Venice, Italy
September WGI/WGII Expert Meeting on Detection and Attribution Related to Anthropogenic Climate Change, 14-16 September 2009, Geneva, Switzerland
October Outline approval 11th Session of WGI and 31st Session of IPCC, 26-29 October 2009, Bali, Indonesia
January WGI/WGII Expert Meeting on Assessing and Combining Multi-Model Climate Projections, 25-27 January 2010, Boulder, Colorado, USA
June IPCC Workshop on Sea Level Rise and Ice Sheet Instabilities, 21-24 June 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July IPCC Cross-Working Group Meeting on Consistent Evaluation of Uncertainties, 6-7 July 2010, Stanford, CA, USA
November First Lead Author Meeting, 8-11 November 2010, Kunming, China
January WGI/WGII Workshop on Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biology and Ecosystems, 17-19 January 2011, Okinawa, Japan
June WGI/WGII/WGIII Expert Meeting on Geoengineering 20-22 June 2011, Lima, Peru
July Second Lead Author Meeting, 18-22 July 2011, Brest, France
December Expert Review of the First Order Draft, 16 December – 10 February 2022
February Expert Review of the First Order Draft, 16 December – 10 February 2022
April Third Lead Author Meeting, 16-20 April 2012, Marrakech, Morocco
July WGI AR5 literature cut-off for submitted papers, 31 July 2022
October-November Expert and Government Review of the Second Order Draft, 5 October – 30 November 2021
January Fourth Lead Author Meeting, 13-19 January 2013, Hobart, Australia
March WGI AR5 literature cut-off for accepted papers, 15 March 2022
June-August WGI AR5 Final Government Distribution, 7 June – 2 August 2022
September Preparatory Meeting of Authors for the Twelfth Session of Working Group I, 20-21 September 2013, Stockholm, Sweden
September Twelfth Session of Working Group I, 23-26 September 2013, Stockholm, Sweden